Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to a number of frequently asked questions. Should you have questions or require additional information please, call our automated "Soccer Line" at (916) 481-9888, or email

1.  Who runs the Arden Park Soccer Club?

The Arden Park Soccer Club is a small group of dedicated volunteers. Details of the committee membership are on the Board page. If you would like to volunteer your services, please email or call (916) 481-9888.

2.  Can I select the team on which my child plays?

During online registration you can indicate a friend/coach/team request. We will attempt to honor your request, however, we cannot guarantee placement on any team. Be sure to request a friend/coach/team that is the same age group as your child (see age matrix). If your child’s birthday is in a different year as their friends they may be in a different age group every other year and will likely not be placed on the same team.  See FAQ # 10 for clarification of player age groups and minimum age requirement.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that each child has the best soccer experience possible and to balance the number of players on a team roster in each age group. A coach cannot guarantee a child plays on his/her team. Late registrations will be placed on a team with space available. This includes returning players who jeopardize their team preference if registering late. Requests with late registrations are not likely to be granted. Once a player is put on a team roster it is highly unlikely he/she will be switched to another team. Practice schedules are determined in late July, after teams have been formed.

3.  When will I know what team my child has been assigned to?

The coach of the team your child has been assigned should contact you by August 1st.

4.  When do practices begin and where are they?

Practices may begin after August 1, however due to vacations in August some teams may not begin practice until later in August. The coach of the team will set the time/day for practices. Practices are held at Mariemont Elementary, Arden Middle School, Cresta Park, Valley Oak Park and Arden Park.

5.  When does the season begin and end?

The under 6 (U6) season begins early September and ends late October. U6 games are played on Friday evenings. The U8-U14 season commences on September 9th and ends on November 18th.  In addition, U8-U14 teams participate in a one day seeding tournament on August 26th. 

6.  Where are games played?

U6 games will be played on fields at Cresta Park, Arden Park and Mariemont Elementary.

U8-U14 games are played on fields in Arden Park, College Greens, Rosemont, Fulton-El Camino, Arden Manor, Sierra Oaks and Del Dayo neighborhoods. Half of the games are scheduled on an Arden Park field. U16 and U19 games are played in greater Sacramento and outlying areas.

7.  What are the equipment needs for players?

Each player should have his/her own soccer ball and bring it to every practice. U6-U8 use a size #3 ball, U10-U12 use a size #4 ball and U14 and up use a size #5 ball. Shin guards and soccer cleats are required for all ages. Players should bring water to each practice and game.

8.  Where do players get their uniforms?

Arden Park uniforms can be purchased at Extreme Soccer, 535 Fulton Ave., Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 973-1751. Uniform set including shirts, shorts & socks. Items can be purchased individually as well.

9.  Where do coaches get their equipment or jersey?

For coaches equipment and/or jersey, please contact

10. What age group will my child play in?

Children must be 4 years old on or before July 31, 2017 to play in the U6 age group.

All other age groupings are based on calendar year born.  Click here for Birth Year Chart.