Arden Park U6 Micro Soccer

Guidelines for Coaches and General Information

  • Player Format: 3V3, No Goalie
  • Time: four (4) ten (10) minute quarters. One (1) minute break between quarters 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Five (5) minute break between quarters 2 and 3 (halftime)
  • Substitutions: As needed, coach calls players on and off the field (similar to indoor soccer)
  • Player’s bench will be on the end sideline, and all spectators will be on the exterior sideline (see below)
  • Two (2) parent volunteers are required per team, one (1) roving each sideline and one (1) roving each goal line.
  • Instruction may only come from the coaches, or parent volunteers in the case of out of bounds balls (see Game Play below)
  • NO SCORE WILL BE KEPT. Time will be kept by Home coach and will signal the beginning and end of playing periods.
  • The U6 coaches will act as common official for all games.
  • Coaches shall in no way instruct, encourage, or allow players to act as a goalkeeper.

Field Setup (see illustration below)

1. Fields are to be 15 yards wide by 20 yards long

2. Sidelines are marked on 3 sides and the 4th side will be created by using flat cones provided to each coach.

Game Play

1. Coaches can be on the field, but only one coach from each team is allowed.

2. The game begins with the visiting team kicking off directly outside of their own goal. The defensive team will start directly in front of their own goal on the opposite end of the field. All halves and quarters will begin this way. This will also be the restart when a goal is scored. The visiting team will kick off this way to begin the game and the 3rd quarter and the home team will begin this way at halftime and the 4th quarter.

3. There are no corner kicks, goal kicks, or throw-ins.

4. When a team kicks the ball out on either sideline, the other team takes possession. The parent volunteer or a coach will tell the team who receives possession that it is their ball and ask nicely for the other team to back up a little bit with the idea that you give ample room for the offensive team to begin play. The offensive team begins play by passing the ball. No throw-ins

5. When either team kicks the ball out across either goal line, the possession goes to the team on defense. In other words the ball goes the other way. The parent volunteer or coach will request the other team to back up to at least the halfway point. The team begins by passing the ball to a teammate.

6. When a goal is scored, play begins as it did when the game started, with teams at the opposite ends of the field.